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Fiberglass Decks

  • Having a fiberglass deck gives you the ability to have a balcony or a flat rooftop, while still having a waterproof living space below. 
  • Fiberglass is perhaps the single most effective and longest lasting application for this situation. These flat surfaces along with sufficient pitch for watershed/drainage are ideal situations for fiberglass application. This will keep living space below free from otherwise inevitable water damage.

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Shower & Utility Pans

Fiberglass pan application

  • Shower Pans: There are many advantages to a fiberglass shower pan. This type of shower pan in now preferred by plumbers, town inspectors, and custom tile/marble setters over the previously used hard to customize and easy to puncture rubber membrane of the past. Fiberglass membranes made their name in the custom shower design market due to their ability to be formed into any custom shower situation like neo–angle showers, 45 degree benches , and even large wet rooms or locker rooms. Fiberglass completes this type of application in a seamless finished product only 1/16 of an inch thick, allows for little to no build out in corners allowing for the best and most reliable finished product
  • Utility Pans: Used to secure a watertight barrier underneath your washer/dryer and/or mechanicals.  This is the preferred option when the location of your utility room is above living space.

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Vinyl Railings

Hot Coat Fiberglass installs Vinyl Railing Systems!  These systems have a lifetime guarantee and are totally maintenance free.

  • All standard vinyl railing systems are fabricated in-house by our supplier, which allows us to provide custom railings, competitive pricing and reduced lead times. 
  • Our vinyl railings are made from 100% virgin polyvinyl and are reinforced with a system of aluminum for lasting structural integrity.

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